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Rooted in God’s Love

We love because he first loved us. -1 John 4:19

One of my very favorite times of the day is when I make time with God. Especially in the mornings. There is truly something about starting your day off with a peaceful devotional reminding you to seek God first in every moment and every aspect of your life. And when I do that first thing in the morning, right after Tyson gets on the school bus and while my daughter sleeps in, there’s just something so peaceful and soothing about a morning breakfast with God. Can’t lie this is where my fall girl vibes is begging to get started and craving a hot morning coffee. However, that might be a few months since its 90 something degrees outside with a 1000000% humidity (lol).

Anywho, it is wonderful and beautiful all at the same time. And as 1 John 4:19 says, I can love and appreciate, while sharing this love because he loved me first. All of us, he loved all of us first.

Ruth asks in The Better Mom Devotional book, “How can you – as a godly friend – encourage your friends to also seek God first?” And I would truly have to say the best thing I can do is show this by example. Show how I am seeking God first in all aspects of life. Which, of course, I struggle. Primarily because I am a talk-through it type of girl. I like to discuss and evaluate and then come to a conclusion. And no offense to God, but sometimes, I can’t hear him as fast as I’d like (hence “I like”). All kinds of wrong in that previous statement. But again, I am human, and this blog isn’t about me being the perfect follower of Christ. Checking all the boxes and saying I am so good because I do these things. No it is about being an honest human, a sinner, a doubter, a failure at times. It is about being honest about who I am and my doubts, but still choosing at the end of every day to believe in my (our) Father. And to believe in His love for me and all my imperfections. To believe in His forgiveness. The point of this blog is to put God first in my life and to make sure I am constantly studying His word, and leading my heart closer to Him and His Word every single day.

I think I finally found my “about me” section for this page (lol). But truly, the way that I can help my friends is by also doing the same thing. Showing God’s grace, love, compassion and never-ending failure to truly answer me when His time is right. I may wish he was faster sometimes, but I think that’s the point. HE knows best, He knows when I will truly need to hear from Him regarding the desires, hurt and questions of my heart.

Father, I want to know and experience the love You have for me in Christ. Help me rest in Your approval and acceptance. Help me trust that Your opinion of me never changes, and remind me that only You can completely satisfy me. You meet all of my needs. Pour out Your Spirit in my heart today so that I might love those around me. In Jesus’ name I pray, I thank you and love you unconditionally, amen.
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