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“Never fear an unknown future with a KNOWN God!” 

The image that changed my life on June 5th, 2017. It is the image that made me take a leap of faith - trusting that I was truly hearing the Lord’s plan for my life.

Officially one year ago today I decided to go for this “hobby” that I started way back in college, that turned into a full-time dream all because a beautiful friend of mine (Whitney Bailey Hocking) posted this image a year before that (2 years ago now).

My life is the definition of an


How I Became a Photographer

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Please Note: I Wrote This Post on June 5th, 2018.

Here’s a little Silvernale Photography “backstory” that some of you may not know..

June 5th, 2017

The verge of a freak-out begins...

This time last year I was freaking out because the business I had been working with had decided to kind of “close its doors” and I had never ever gone a day, since I started working, without knowing exactly how much money I was going to make every single week, and I was terrified! But little did I know the plan God already had brewing for me. 


This morning a year ago, I dropped Tyson off at his babysitters (Kaitlyn Smith) before one of my last 10 days working and started talking to her about my “work situation” and she asked me like many others at this time, why not go for photography full time? And I told her the 3 things like I told everyone else: because it was too scary because there was already SO MANY other photographers around this area. And especially some fantastic ones. How could I possibly stand out in the mix of them ALL? Also, why would anyone choose me over all the others? But mainly, I just couldn’t trust it! I couldn’t trust the future and how to survive off of a unknown salary. And I think I even said to her “God would have to give me one heck of a sign to do THAT!” And my goodness boy did he ever!


Before I knew it. She had texted me a screenshot that morning of a girl on her newsfeed that asked for a photographer to take pictures of her kids, the girl asked “Who do you love?” And out of all the great photographers in town my name was mentioned all the way down the line! I had never seen that happen before. It was incredible! I even said “no freaking way!” We both thought it was crazy and I said “whatever, I still can’t trust it! That’s just a coincidence!“ But not even an hour later. I get tagged in another post on Facebook by Nicki Reeves Strockbine suggesting ME out of all people for another big project in Mt. Carmel, with a ton of support from others on her post! I screenshot it to Kaitlyn and she was like “WOW, you might want to listen” and I said “this is getting weird. 2 of the 3 doubts answered” but once again when I talked to her in person from picking up Tyson, I said “No way! I don’t trust it! I can’t ever trust the future of not knowing. And anyways God knows me, he knows I need 3 signs before I can believe it! 😂🙈😜” laughing to her and Not thinking anymore of it, I took tyson home and went on with my day.

Then out of nowhere. I get the urge to check my Timehop randomly and BOOM! Right there, the very first thing to pop up on my Timehop 1 year ago that day was this photo that Whitney posted that I clearly remembering thinking when I saved it “I have no idea why I’m saving this, I just like it!” And what day does it pop up on but this day when I had 3 doubts that I thought were completely valid doubts to not go for photography full time, but God slammed each and every single one this day 1 year ago. And quite LITERALLY spelled it out for me! I mean seriously “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future with a KNOWN God!” What are the odds of that popping up on that day of all days? I even had to say. “Holy Crap! He literally spelled it out for me!” And finally “Okay.... I hear you Lord! I think you’re absolutely crazy, but I’ll take the leap in your name!” 



It hasn’t been easy this year but it has been a fun new adventure. And He could not have set me up better for this time, one year ago.


I have no idea if I will do this till I die, but I have no doubt in His plan for me RIGHT NOW. So if 5 years from now that’s when this journey ends then I will listen, but if He keeps me on this adventure till the day I die, I pray I make Him proud. 

Like I said, My Life is a True "Act of God"

Like my whole marriage and family life now, I did NOT choose this path in life! Lol, I didn’t ever want any of this, but my gosh I am so glad God showed me I was so wrong! This incredible life he blessed me with. He did it ALL! I had no say in any of this. I would be in NYC right now if it was up to me. Lol but call it whatever you want. Call it serendipity, fate, whatever you believe in.


But my life, the past 10 incredible years (2021), in my opinion, is called an “Act of God”!


I’m the walking example that we make plans while God laughs at us. 

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