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Hello World!

wife. mother. homeschool teacher. photographer.
daughter of the One True King.

I'm Allie Marie Silvernale

Currently: I am a full-time working photographer mama, and added “homeschool mama” to that list in 2020. I stay home with our three kids and will be homeschooling Tyson, Dylan (part-time) every week day morning this 2022-23 school year. I will also be running my small town photography business from home. Not really sure why I thought this was all a good idea (lol) considering I am exhausted a lot, but I am just trying to remain obedient to His calling in this new ministry type-life I am living as a disciple for Christ. Life is crazy and unpredictable! God has surprised me with every single twist and turn! My life is the definition of an “act of God” and I never plan to waste it. And with my new found love of My Father’s Word, life is incredibly fulfilling with my amazing partner, lover and best friend by my side, my husband Drew. Loving this life I never knew I always wanted, but so grateful God blessed us with it.


He is the dad of all dad's to our children, and the husband of all husband's to me. He is a godly man, full of loyalty and pride. There's a strength in him that is so rare these days. He is truly one of a kind and I cannot thank the good Lord enough that Drew chooses every day to love me, stay with me, raise our three beautiful children together, and never fails to make me feel anything but unconditionally loved by him. He's the kind of man I can only pray our son will grow up to be like (in his own unique way), and that our daughter will choose to love in another man one day. They are such rare characteristics he holds in his heart, but it makes him truly incredible and I could not be more proud to be his wife, partner and lover until the good Lord calls us home. (Wedding anniversary date is September 22, 2022.)


Tyson Andrew

Our son, Tyson, is 8 years old and starting 3rd grade this year at our Adventure Learning Path Academy (Aug 2022 - 3rd year of homeschooling). He is so full of life and energy, with a smile that can truly melt your heart. My gosh he is such a cute kid. I worry that this mama might be seeing more girls than I'd like to in the future (lol). However, if we raise him up right, he will be respectful to all, and that's all this mama can hope for him. Tyson, also has the biggest, sweetest heart of gold. This little boy feels so deeply at such a young age, but I adore how compassionate he is, as well as how much he loves his baby sister & brother! He is the most amazing big brother I have ever seen. My baby boy is amazing, and they say "don't blink" and Tyson is my reminder of that every single day. Tyson currently loves gymnastics and football, and everything animals, rocks, and science.


Our daughter, Dylan, lol, oh my goodness where do I even begin? The sass is strong with our beautiful little 4 year old (Born: July 2018). That cheesin' smile and contagious laugh just like her brothers. She looks like she fell out of her brother's butt, but still gorgeous in her own unique way. There's just something about her that catches your heart and tells you she is going to be incredibly smart. Too smart for her own good really (lol). Miss. Dylan, knows what she wants and wants what she wants when she wants it. Anyone who meets her meets that spunky personality almost immediately. She goes by many nicknames: Dilly Bug, Dilly Pie, Dilly Pineapple (Tyson's nickname for her), Dilly pickle, etc. Dylan’s personality is contagious and we never know what she is getting into next. She constantly keeps us on our toes and it’s incredible to watch her grow. Dilly bean will be attending her last year at Pre-K school, and next year starting kindergarten homeschool with mama + big brother. 


Micah Andrew

God is so good to us and SURPRISED us with our second son, Micah Andrew. He is currently 1 year old and absolutely perfect! He gave us a 17 day NICU scare, but decided to beat the odds of his diagnosis's and become a little miracle baby. We truly got to witness GOD WORK through this amazing little fighter. We are so blessed with this sweet little boy, and absolutely adore watching him grow, and how he has become a great part of the chaos with the other two! lol We absolutely love watching him play and run around like crazy with his big brother and sister! Micah is obsessed with cars and all things music. Like his big brother and sister, he LOVES worship music, and even raises his sweet little hands in praise!

Grateful is an Understatement

My heart could not be more fulfilled.

As I type these words.. my heart swells and my eyes fill up with the happiest of tears. Because even on my hard days, I get to hold the three most beautiful children God could have ever blessed us with and entrusted us to raise for Him. While also knowing it all began because of Drew's and I's love story that was a true "Act of God" moment if I ever saw one. God truly knows what he is doing and I will never be able to thank Him enough for that beautiful day in Walmart parking lot on June 4, 2011(Our Love Story).


"Photographer Mom"


God has blessed me with the "God-given natural talent" of being a photographer! I currently own my own photography business, Silvernale Photography (formerly Picture by: Allie Marie). There is a link above to my business webpage, and you can also view me @silvernalephotography on Instagram & Pinterest and Facebook.


I am human, and this blog isn't about me being the perfect follower of Christ. Checking all the boxes and saying "I am so good because I do these things". No, it is about being an honest human, a sinner and a failure at times. It is about being honest about who I am as a sinful human, who sometimes questions, but always seeks answers from our amazing Father.

However, I still choose to believe... I still choose at the end of every day to believe in my (our) Father. To believe in His love for me and all my imperfections. To believe in His forgiveness. 

The point of this blog is to put God first in my life and to make sure I am constantly studying His word, and leading my heart closer to Him and His Word every single day.

This blog will also throw in every day life in the mix of it all. My views, and life as a mother, wife, homeschool teacher, and photographer. Like everyone else, I am just trying to survive it all while also trying to get my butt back in shape and eating better to not have to worry about diabetes at this stage of my life.

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