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Reorder My Thoughts

"Father, Your Word is a lamp unto my feet. Teach me to slow down and fix my thoughts on Your truth today. Guard my thoughts from doubt, discouragement, and lies. Fill my mind with Your Word, and allow my thinking to be controlled by Your Spirit is I might experience greater life and peace. In Jesus' name, amen." Ruth, Settle My Soul devotional, page 12.

I really love this prayer she writes here at the end of the devotional today. I truly feel it is exactly what more of us need in the world. Especially in today's current events with the COVID-19. It's funny how I feel like my bible journey and devotional studies have both been able to circle back to this current event today.

"Keep the Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." Joshua 1:8

Currently, I know a lot of our thoughts are consumed by the current pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. We are worried, stressed, fearful, concerned, angry, sad, sick, the list could go on and on and on. But like the scripture above states and Ruth in her devotional writings, "One of the best things to do when that happens is meditate on God's truth and love."

"One of the best things to do when that happens is meditate on God's truth and love."

Some think of meditation as a yoga thing or something the Buddhist do with their religion. However, as she goes on to state, meditation isn't necessarily about the absence of thoughts, it is about clearing your mind to focus only on God and His word. Meditation of God's Word.

The Art of Meditation

I have been practicing the art of meditation for some time now. It's been something I really want to conquer, not just to focus on God's Word more clearly, but also just beginning to finally have full control over my ADHD disorder. My lack of mental control some days could make my toddler blush. I mean seriously, I am worse than a dog seeing a squirrel, lol. I have got a long way to go, but I will master it soon enough, but here's the kicker... as long as I keep my focus! lol

Current Events

Anyways, getting back on subject now. I truly do believe our Nation more than ever right now needs to take this time of quarantine to meditate on bible scripture, or if you're not. a believer, simply positive vibes of kindness, love and harmony if thats more your cup of tea.

But in the case of the believer, we need to focus our thoughts on God's Word, thinking about it day and night, and to keep coming back to it and fixing our hearts and minds on His Word and what it is that HE CAN DO! Only Him. I don't doubt God is trying to change us all with this COVID-19. There is so much good we can learn from this time quarantined if only we would run to Him in this time instead of to our Facebook feeds.

Find a bible verse. Soak it in. Read it over and over again till you can repeat every word accurately, and you are no longer letting any other lie destroy His Word. Let His Word change your thoughts and let Him begin His good work inside of You!

Ruth's suggestions for Scripture to Meditate on:

  1. Praiseworthy: Phillipians 4:8

  2. Minds Set on the Holy Spirit: Romans 8:6

  3. Minds on the truth of Gods Word: Romans 12:1-2

  4. Resting in God's Promises: Psalm 62:1-2

  5. Praying God's Word: Nehemiah 9:6-37

Isaiah 26:20
Quarantine and Pray

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