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“Loving By Listening”

Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me. –Psalm 31:2

It’s not even 11am yet and I feel like I’ve already failed at this “loving by listening” today with my son, Tyson. I heard him, but I wasn’t truly listening to him this morning. I was more concerned with getting them out the door so that I could finally get some work done today. And, I was not being a very good mommy due to my own self-inflicted stress.

I’ve got to be better!

My patience is something that I really need to work on, as well as my short-fused temper tantrums that could make a 2 year old blush. I need to be more present with my children while I’m with them and I honestly just need to get lost in them.

I know this will get better as I get more time to get work done during the day. Dylan (our second child, daughter) has really been a hard transition. People were not kidding about the transitioning from one child to two kids! I love her so much and want to be with her as much as she wants to be with me… just so hard sometimes. *sigh*

Today has already been a day and it’s not even noon yet. The devil is knocking, but I’m turning to You, Lord. Please shut his noise out. Because that’s all it is noise: all those negative distractions. Please shine Your light for me to see today. I pray to You, Lord. Please help me focus and get on the correct path that I need to stay focused today and get work done and make this week productive.

Truly thank You so much for listening, Lord. I pray I begin to develop ears like Yours to help others heal as well. In Jesus’ name, I pray, I thank you and love you dearly, Amen.

Resource: The Better Mom Devotional [p.4]:

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