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“Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart”

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. –Psalm 119:11

I’ve been truly trying to live more this way. Like Jesus is standing next to me through-out the day. For example, how would I respond to this slow driver if Jesus was sitting right next to me in the passenger seat? Probably not quite like my usual inpatient self!

I truly want to be better. I was to be better about how I react to every day stressful situations. Show me, Lord! Please, I pray to You to show me the passage that I truly need to “hide in my heart” and work on internally or even in general. I truly pray You show me how to better myself in Your name. Where people can truly SEE the kindness, grace, love and acceptance in Your name. What is your plan for my life, Lord? Please show me.

Father, I believe that You are the God who speaks. You have made Yourself known to me through Your Word. Would You comfort me, strengthen me, convict me, and guide me as I store Your words in my heart? Give me ears to hear You and strength to obey You today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Resource: The Better Mom Devotional:

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