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“Guard Against Grumbling”

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. –Psalms 107:1

Luckily, I read this at 8am this morning. I may just now be getting a chance to write because it has been a ridiculously busy morning. Which normally I would be super stressed because I haven’t edited a thing yet.

However, I’m grateful!

I’m grateful for a paying client today! I’m grateful for Kaitlyn, who is amazing with my kids! And so patient to the point I need to take lessons from her (lol). I’m grateful for Lynette who has been working so hard to build us our perfect home in the max budget price that I feel You laid on my heart. I’m so grateful, Lord! And, I am truly grateful for this devotional today. For making sure I took time this morning to at least read the devotional even though I knew I didn’t have time to write yet; I made the time to read and process it on my way to Kaitlyn’s, and I truly believe because of this devotional, it has truly made this a beautiful – stress-free day/morning so far.

It’s amazing what a little perspective can do for the soul. How just changing a few simple words in my thoughts can make a huge impact.

Father, open my eyes to truly see and appreciate all that You have given me/us that I/we do not deserve. Please teach me to guard my heart from focusing on what I don’t have or on what I think I need. Fill me with thankfulness. Help me to find joy in You, thanking You in everything. In Jesus’ name, I pray, I thank You and love you with all my heart, Amen.

Resource: The Better Mom Devotional:

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