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When You Have to Hold Up 2 Hands Now

Now when my son tells his age, he will have to hold up two hands instead of just one. Long are the days when one hand sufficed. It truly is crazy how it just happens one day. One second you’re bringing them home from the hospital scared to death you will never be able to keep him safe then next thing you know they’re jumping off army tanks making friends within .05 seconds of hitting the playground at the park!

Tyson is such an incredible little boy... kid. He is loud, crazy and so much fun. But he’s also incredibly tender-hearted, loving and truly cares for others that is so rare to see in a 6 year old. Most kids his age could care less about anything but themselves. And don’t get me wrong, Tyson has his moments that age shines, but there is a heart in that kid that seriously blows me away. He truly feels for people in a way that is so rare.

I could go on and on about this kid. He is my heart of gold, loves his stuffed animals and all living animals, curious, ornery, full of so much life, sweet little boy. He loves pasta and tacos and all the sweets that mommy cringes over (not ever given from his mommy but all the others of the family).

Tyson Andrew if you ever read this one day. You are my sweet little boy. The one who made me a mommy first. The one who made my heart sing with the first little kick in my belly. I can never ever explain my love for you. A mother’s love is indescribable. I thank the Good Lord every single day for blessing your daddy and me with the sweetest little boy ever. For choosing us to be your mommy and daddy. There are truly no words for Him entrusting you with us. I can only pray that mommy and daddy always know the wisdom to guide you in Jesus‘ light and God’s Word. We love you so much our sweet baby boy. We are so proud of the 6 year old you currently are and can’t wait to watch you grow, if God will it, for many many more years.

Today we celebrated going to the park and getting ice cream. Documented some from the park today (gallery below). Be looking for his 6 year old photo shoot coming soon!

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