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"Too Busy to Blog" – Whoops! Did I Just Say That?

Do you ever get the feeling you are being pulled into 50 different directions and its already 11:34pm and you realize you still haven’t sent the invoice to the one person who could get some money in your wallet for the week? Priorities, hey?

I really do not even know where I am planning to go with this blog post today – I just know my cute little planner is telling me I am a day late on posting a blog and I made a promise to myself that I would stick with it this year.

No more “too busy” statements!

So let me sum this blog post up with my top 10 most grateful:

  1. Self-Help books – you know the ones that really give you a kick in the pants

  2. Senior photo sessions – I mean seriously love photographing seniors and editing their photos

  3. My iPad Pro

  4. My iPad Pro’s ability to let me draw and come up with some fun little illustrations I have been practicing the past 24 hours where I am actually having withdrawals right now. (Alexa is seriously lucky I love her right now! Alexa the human not the dang google robot).

  5. My super awesome new planner brought to you by Plum Paper (I mean seriously go check out their options! So much fun and so cute! And I have totally already switched out my front cover!

  6. My bed because oh my goodness this thing seriously makes it hard to stay awake and get up each more due to the super coziness

  7. And on that note: alarm clocks – especially the old fashion ones that you have to plug in to the wall and is not your phone! Forcing me every morning to get up out of my bed and walk over to the other side of the room just to turn the stupid thing off. For that folks, I haven’t had to take my kid to school late because he missed the bus! BOOM! (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself).

  8. My awesome life! The business, the chaos, the fun and laughter and all!

  9. My home – that is keeping me nice and warm tonight as Mother Nature is about to do her bi-polar thing she likes to do here in the midwest and get very cold tonight

  10. I think this goes without saying, but my family ❤ husband, kids, furbabies, and all the rest. The support system I always have with them all is truly a blessing from God.

My very first attempt at drawing on my iPad Pro

Well that’s all you get tonight! But hey if you actually made it this far – head on over to and check out the senior photos portfolio to see who I may be submitting to be featured in a magazine! 🙂 Talk to you soon blogger world! I will be back to discuss Joseph vs Job soon since I am still on the quest to read the Bible cover to cover this year! 🙂

2nd practice attempt

Today’s iPad Pro “painting”

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