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The Challenges of Homeschool

I am so proud of this boy right here! He has been so amazing this first year of homeschooling. About a month or two into homeschooling for our first year, we get a surprise third baby is on the way, and let's just say mommy's first trimester was NOT the kindest. Add in first-trimester nausea and exhaustion to mommy and daddy getting COVID19 at the holidays, and we just had all the fun in getting "behind" in homeschooling for our first year.

But I have learned a lot this first year of homeschooling, and getting "behind" is one we kicked to the door. Tyson thrived in more ways than one with all the changes, and despite all the "setbacks," he has taken them and persevered! I am so proud of him! And mommy learned to stop saying, "we are behind because of me!"

The beauty of homeschooling is we are never behind. We are never comparing ourselves. We are living for our strengths and focusing on correcting our weaknesses. We are focused on making both of us stronger in our weaknesses, but we are not concerned about what this kid is doing nor that kid. We are simply just taking it one day at a time for him! His needs and growing and developing them in a way I never dreamed I would be able to teach him. And oh my goodness, it has been a blessing in more ways than one. And I'm not only teaching him, but God is teaching me through him! It truly is the most incredible journey, and I am so glad I did not say "no" to God any more when I felt him call me to this homeschool life.

I honestly can't believe what I would have missed out on if I had not listened to the "call." And now, Tyson wants to continue homeschooling next year, and I do too! I already purchased some curriculum in an early bird sale, and I am excited!

Will it be hard with a newborn baby? Oh yeah! Will it be exhausting, and I feel like I am letting him "down" in times? You bet! But if God is in it, I know we will succeed! I know we will overthrow all the doubts the devil throws at us, and my kid will be successful in all!

I have had so many moms tell me:

"I couldn't do it!"

"Good for you, but no way!"

"I could never (insert reason)."


And that's fine! Homeschooling is not for everyone. But I will say, I said the same things and many, many more! When I heard God's whisper at the beginning of January 2020, I shoved it down. Then again, in the spring, I said, "HECK NO! You got your wires crossed. Not this mama!" (lol). But then it consumed me one night. I was reading scripture (Romans and Corinthians), and I was so overwhelmed, and I heard a big fat, "DON'T YOU TELL ME I GOT MY WIRES CROSSED, I DON'T CROSS WIRES. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!"

And all I know is, no matter what my excuses were, I answered God with obedience, and every single one of those excuses has worked themselves all out. I even got pregnant, then got COVID, and He was still there, growing me and shaping me. We purged and redid our home, and He was there with us the whole time.

The Hardest Challenge

HE called me to this, so I obeyed. If He didn't, I wouldn't have even considered it. The hardest part of homeschooling is getting out of my head and trusting I am more equipped than I ever could have dreamed. Erasing my negative thoughts on "homeschool stigma" and all people's comments and facial expressions when I say "we homeschool". The first thing I had to do was kill the negative thoughts that plagued my mind. No one else mattered, but what God called me to and just walking in obedience.

He called me to this, and I am so grateful I did not say "no" a third time to His message to homeschool. I am forever thankful, and I honestly could not be more proud of both kids for their progress this year. Tyson is reading like I never dreamed he would read, blowing through math like it's nothing, and developing a love for science, nature, and the ocean like never before. He's excited to play sports this summer and has a relationship with his sister that still blows my mind how much they love and adore each other. And Dylan, wow! I thought it would be absolutely no progress this year with her, and she has picked up on so much it makes my heart sore for her little milestones already!

And, the best part is, as their mother, I get to say, "I TAUGHT THEM THAT!" I seriously get why teachers love to teach now. It is rewarding!

Anyways, I could go on and on and sing my song of praise to God on this topic. And trust me, I want to SING them loud and clear for all to hear, but I will be surprised if half of you read this much already, lol. So I will leave it at: if you'd like to chat more, drop me a comment, and I will be happy to discuss more with you if you want to ask and hear more of our homeschooling experience. I would love nothing more than to sing God's praises of this beautiful foundation He has started in our lives.

Praise be to God!

Just a few photos from the past couple of weeks! Check out my instagram page for more!


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