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“Healing Light”

Unshakeable: Daily Devotional p.88

Verse: John 12:46

Nothing like feeling the encouragement to read a devotional that was meant to be read yesterday – today – and get smacked in the face with a “humbling experience” (lol). But seriously, God said “yeah right, Allie, think again!” And yes as always – thank you Lord for bringing to light what I should’ve wrote previously.

I’m very much needing Your help with taking my daughter to her babysitter this week. I’m so worried about her and just pray You give Dylan peace while being with her babysitter. That she grows to love her and truly loves going over there – that she will eat and drink happily for her so that I can begin to get work done during normal hours and have much better time management for family time and helping others,”mission work”. I truly pray (even if I am pregnant again) that You’ll bless me with focus this week to get all my editing done. That You’ll also bless me with healing in my hand, wrist and arm so that I can complete editing all these photos.

Thank you so much Lord for bringing these burdens of my heart to light so that I can clearly see that I always need You, in every little aspect of my life – big or small – I need You.

Please heal me Lord. In Jesus’s name, I pray, give thanks and all my love, Amen.

God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him. –Philippians 2:13
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