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“Your Defining Moment”

Unshakeable p.19 – Bible Verse: Esther 4:14

I’m really curious about this one – so much so that I have read this one for two days now and still unsure if I have had a “defining moment” in my life?

Guess not if I can’t think of anything… 😦

Maybe my #MeToo image? Did it impact someone so greatly? I hope so! That is why I did it – was to show another perspective to the long-term pain endured by sexual molestation/rape.

I truly do want to experience more moments like this… I want to make impacts in other’s lives – so much so – that they see God’s beauty, work, and light in my actions toward them.

I pray more opportunities are shown to me and that I truly see and hear them. That I respond in a way that someone truly see’s the word of God, and his love for them. In Jesus’ name, I pray, I thank you and love you unconditionally, Amen.

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