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the journey never ends

I am human, and this blog isn't about me being the perfect follower of Christ. Checking all the boxes and saying, "I am so good because I do these things". No, it is about being an honest human, a sinner, a doubter, and a failure. It is about my newfound (2020) love for God's incredible Word through the Holy Bible. I am OBSESSED with His Word. I want to truly KNOW HIM. I want to dwell in His Presence constantly and forever. I want to wipe His beautiful Feet with my hair. I want to worship and praise Him for all eternity.

I know the Bible can be scary at first, but I pray through this blog, you will see that it is not! It is so AMAZING! I choose to believe... I choose at the end of every day to believe in my (our) Father. To believe in His love for me and all my imperfections. To believe in His forgiveness. To believe His Word above all else. The point of this blog is to boldly put God first in my life and to make sure I am constantly studying His Word and leading my heart closer to Him and His Word every single day.

I'm sure this blog will also throw everyday life into the mix of it all. My views and life as a mother, wife, and photographer running a small town business and just trying to survive it all while also trying to get my butt back in shape, and eating better to not have to worry about diabetes at this stage of my life.

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