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2020 Easter Praises!

My Father! I hope today was an amazing view from your throne. Celebrating the Resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ! I am so incredibly thankful for this year. WOW! What a year it has truly been for me and You, together.

You not only changed me this year, You changed my soul, Lord, and I cannot be more grateful.

I pray this intense love for you never ever leaves me for any excuse what-so-ever. Because in the midst of this soul changing journey we have been on with me, I have found more peace in the "simple life". Resting my soul in You, Lord. More and more, I crave Your Word and more and more I crave time with You, Lord and then also my family.

The feeling to be a true mom again. And not saying I wasn't when I was working but I was sacrificing too much. Too much time with You and too much time with my family. I know now the meaning of NEEDING the balance in life. And the amount of rest I have received from all this and what good it is doing to my health as well, is just truly remarkable. I praise You! 🙌🏼

I can't lie though, I truly do miss being a photographer. But this journey has made me see life so much more clearly now, and it is absolutely gut-wrenching on everything I was missing out on in life. Your true blessings. And my photography talent and business is no doubt and incredible blessing by You, but now I have seen how that God given talent you blessed me with was becoming too much - no talent nor hobby or ANYTHING should take away my time with You, Lord.

You, my Father, my wonderful, forgiving, loving Father, You are the very essence of my being and I want to make sure to always put You first in my daily life. I never want to forget this one true statement, that You alone Lord come first every single day.

I am so incredibly grateful for this abrupt slow down.

The devil thought he had it all figured out, but I found You now deeper than I ever even thought I could ever go, and for that, I am grateful for this time. I have learned to find peace in the time not working, and Lord, you are so good because You, Lord, DID provide exactly what we need. Nothing more, because it is not about what we may "want," but you did keep to Your promise in the Bible that if we trust in You, and truly believe in You that you will provide what we need in life. And, Lord, you have done just that for our little family this week, and I am truly grateful. Thank You, Lord, so much, and I will continue to be Your faithful, loving humbled servant, with faults as always, but I will always strive to overcome those faults.

I praise You, I worship You, I love You, and I thank You, Lord. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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