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Insert Happy Face + Hearts Emojis

And just like that folks, the previous blog is already outdated.

God has shined His light and helped me out today in my worry and insecurity. He has sent two beautiful souls my way to communicate His voice that my family and I are loved and very much wanted. And even more than at church on Sundays. But back in our Wednesday adult group. That my heart misses so dearly.

And God bless my friend who thought of the simplest solution for me being able to attend. I truly love her.

Oh and another prayer of mine has been answered too. My husband has started a men’s group tonight (every Sunday at 6:30pm) that he can now have as well. Which my heart sings with so much happiness for him finally because it is something he has very much needed lately.

My heart is so grateful, there truly is no words... Thank You so much, LORD.

Anyway, I am signing off now to hopefully get lost in my bible and continue my journey on reading the bible from start to finish. I have fallen behind but that is okay because I know I will catch up. I got this.

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