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My Baby Girl Just Turned 2 Years Old

My baby girl turned 2 years old today, and I am not even sure how that happened. #CurrentSituationInPhotos

Seriously Though?

Obviously I’m aware of how that happened. Time keeps turning and 2 years flew by in a blink of an eye, and BOOM we have a 2 year old. And I know many moms say, just like me, “How did this happen?” ”oh my gosh my baby!” AND I am sure it can be annoying to hear yet another mama doing the same thing, however, if you are rolling your eyes and saying these things, you clearly just don’t get it.

You blink and the pregnancy is over, then you blink again and their one, and the blink they’re 2 years old challenging you in every single way.

Our Little Dylan Marie

Our little baby girl is known by many nicknames: Dilly Bean, Dilly Pineapple, Dilly Bug, Dilly Pickle, etc.

Baby girl is a warrior. Oh my goodness she has raise havoc on me since conception, I swear! Lol She’s feisty, sassy, knows what she wants and wants it when she wants it! She is Miss Independent, but still wants her mama to crawl in her crib and lay down with her. She’s mighty, smart and super bossy, lol.

But she’s also incredibly sweet when she wants to be, and she adores her big brother and her daddy. She loves her blankey with her name engraved on it and her little bunny that mommy bought her at Easter. She loves the movies: LEAP!, Moana, Frozen 2, and It Takes Two. She LOVES Disney Jr with Puppy Dog Pals, T.O.T.S, and Sophia the First.

She loves eating popcorn and fruit snacks. Little bit of an obsession she has! The key to her heart is food! Give her food and she will love you! Lol But she also loves drinking mommy‘s protein shakes, her milk sippy, and yogurt drinks.

And goodness gracious, that darn paci! Lol I swear, her favorite thing to do is to sneak into her room and hide in her closet and suck on that stinking paci when she thinks she’s being sneaky. She seriously keeps us on our toes! She is the child that gets into everything and everything goes into her mouth. She has taken a pen all over our furniture and hidden I can’t even tell you how many shoes. She loves shredding up papers and stealing daddy’s wash cloths to help clean. She wants to do things her self and she loves to copy bubby on everything he is doing!

I still can’t believe I have a daughter. My mind is completely blown still today that I have an amazingly beautiful son and daughter. God sure rocked our world surprising us with this little firework of a baby girl, but we are so so thankful He felt us fit to take care of this little angel. I will never be able to thank God enough for my two beautiful children. Especially our little firework baby girl, Dylan Marie. Her pregnancy was pretty scary and she ended up coming 3 weeks early, but that’s considered full-term with pre-eclemptic pregnancies!! And she was absolutely perfect! She was so teeny tiny, with those big ol cheeks! Lol, and she is still teeny tiny today, wearing anywhere from 6 month onesies to maybe 12 month clothes if shrunk enough still today! Lol Dylan Marie, Happy Birthday baby girl! I love you so much. No words will ever do you justice.

Dylan Marie Silvernale | Born: Monday July 2, 2018 | Time: 7:36pm | 6 lbs 15.5 oz | 18 inches long of pure perfection!!

I was 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant when she came by emergency c-section due to my pre-eclampsia taken a final toll on my body.

All photos taken & copyrighted by Silvernale Photography - aka her mommy! ;)

3 Months

6 months

7 Months

9 Months

1 Year Old

1 1/2 - ish Old

Dylan’s Pregnacy

2 year Old photo session coming soon! Break my heart and let it melt all in one!

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