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Speak Through Me Lord

Speak through me, Lord. Use me as your plan. Let me visually speak Your message the way You meant for it to be heard.

I’m nervous. Today is the day that I am putting forth a message that I truly feel God put on my heart exactly one month ago. I had to bring pen to paper to write it down immediately and we have been choreographing it all to come together ever since. I will show the final results soon.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone on this one. I am also extremely nervous that I will not do it correctly. So that is why – here – right now – I am coming to You, Lord. I am coming to You, in silence, to hopefully fill my mind, thoughts, body and soul with the Holy Spirits presence today. I am praying that the Holy Spirit consumes my body in order to photograph and edit this photo shoot into Your message. I pray every thing that I do is done by the Holy Spirit’s guide for Your message and reaches every one it is suppose to reach.

Consume me, Lord. Consume me with the Holy Spirit as I rest my mind before this styled photo shoot. Consume all the kids to be in Your great spirit and make the message loud and clear for all to truly see and hear your message once I have completed Your work and Your message.

Dear Father, I pray to You from the very depth of my soul that I will truly hear Your message loud and clear this evening. That the children present will be filled your Holy Spirit as well and that they all send their specific message that You filled them with for this very moment. I pray You bring me peace of mind in order to hear Your message loud and clear and to photograph it according to Your Word, as well as delivering it across all social media platforms correctly. I ask this all in Your name, I pray, I thank you and I love you unconditionally, Lord, amen.
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