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“Rethinking Solitude”

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. -Mark 1:35

Nothing gives me more peace in my day than that passage by Mark, and others that speak of Jesus getting away in order to pray and “reset” as you may call it. It is like the passage is giving me the “ok” to need my “me” time. My time to just sit in my home, no tv, no electronics (minus this iPad I blog on), no kids in the house, even my husband is gone – just me and God – in silence.

I know its encouraged to get away with God daily. However, that doesn’t stop the guilt sometimes when I see my husband struggling to get the house cleaned up or my kids playing alone just waiting for mommy to not be so “busy” all the time. Or when my intern is outside working while I am inside laying on the couch just trying to get a little nap in because I am up all hours of night just scrambling to make time for “me time”. To reset, recharge and get lost in anything but all the noise of the days.

And I admit, not all “me time” consist of getting lost in God’s word. I mean it probably should since that’s when I do feel most at ease. However, sometimes it is just getting lost in a good book (currently reading (non self-help/religious), The Silent Patient by: Alex Michaelides and it is soooo good so far), binge watching my Law & Order: SVU, sneaking down to the quiet kitchen and eating some dill pickle chips that I always regret the next day but truly savor every bite in the middle of the night, doing a work-out, snuggling with my dogs, etc. These are all things that just let me reset every morning and night before the noise and chaos peruses.

I’m a lot like Ruth, in the sense, that I am an extrovert and use to be energized by others.

However, since becoming a mother, I find so much more peace now in the silence. As I type these words this morning, its raining outside, my dogs are cuddled up here next to me on the couch, my daughter sleeps while my son is just getting off the bus and starting his school day, and there is simply so much peace and relaxation I keep bobbing my head trying to finish this blog post. I’m completely relaxed and at peace in God’s word through these two beautiful souls, Ruth & Karen. Life is wonderful because I made our God my priority this morning.

Father, my soul finds rest in You alone. You renew me with Your love, grace and truth. Help me cultivate the discipline of solitude, not just for my sake, but for the sake of others. Remind me that my times of getting alone with You are ultimately meant to move me closer to others – to bring life, healing, truth and hope to those You surround me with. In Jesus’ name, I pray, I thank you and love you whole-heartedly, amen.
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