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Reflections on this Tuesday Morning: “Unplug”

As I read a devotional, and have been getting my son out the door this Tuesday morning, for some reason, I have been reflecting a lot. My mind has been going over things for today.

I’m finally starting to get into a new routine that starts this week. I am a full-time stay-at-home mom with our daughter, Dylan, as well as, a full-time working mom that runs my own photography business, Silvernale Photography. Which anyone who runs their own business, KNOWS you work 80 hrs a week just so you don’t have to work 40 hours a week for someone else (lol). However, I have never had that mindset. I never minded working for someone else. It was actually always kind of nice because they had paid maternity leave, vacation days, oh and this wonderful thing called 8 hour work days that when I came home in the afternoon, I WAS DONE with work for the day. I could simply cook dinner, play with my kids, “unplug” if I wanted to because I wasn’t able to bring my computer home (that would have been considered stealing), and my email wasn’t allowed on my phone. Life seemed simpler then…

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and feel truly blessed that God chose me for this talent in my life. I mean, photography. I get to bring so much joy to people’s lives by capturing gorgeous photos of their beautiful family that will be memories that could truly stand the test of time. Documentation of their legacy left behind once God calls them home. That part I love. The meeting new families, the shooting, the editing, the truly happy faces. (And here comes the but…)

However, I never get to just “unplug”.

I just wish social media sometimes wasn’t a thing, you know? I mean my whole business is revolved around social media. And don’t get me wrong, I love it so much because I can hit so many people in less money than I would have had to pay if it was newspapers, magazine, radio, etc. And there’s no telling if anyone actually saw it or not unless they tell you. Social Media, I mean wow, I can reach so many people and know all the stats down to what type of device they’re using and what web browser they chose to view my ads. If you think about it, ol Facebook Mark (can’t think how to spell his last name this early, and being lazy now,so we’re leaving it at Ol Facebook Mark for this blog), was truly a genius for the world he lead today.

Even though, sometimes I do miss the old days where you could only join Facebook if . You had a college email account. When I would go months without being on Facebook. When I had a simple phone that took the worst photos ever, and literally was used to call and/or text. Text messaging wasn’t unlimited, you had to actually talk to people on the phone because text messaging plans didn’t allow unlimited text messages. You had conversations with people. Real ones. Those days were nice. Those days were so much simpler.

I don’t know this is just my morning thoughts before my coffee even gets in my system, as my baby girl sleeps in (well nevermind just heard her over the baby monitor). I probably need to get my coffee going in me, and some breakfast before I begin this editing day.

OH YEAH! I forgot to mention, I finally am going to get a babysitter two days a week. She is coming here to watch Dylan, so I can hopefully get out in the studio and finally get some work done during normal hours for a change. Here’s praying.

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