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“Pressing Pause” to “Settle My Soul”

“And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone,” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭14:23‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Nothing is better than having a morning like this morning. I got up. Got my son ready for school, got him on the school bus. Did a morning sprint/walk in our long driveway while our daughter slept in this morning. After a 1.53 mile sprint/walk, I came into our (messy) home and made a whole food – whole organic breakfast. Eggs, organic whole waffles and orange juice. Made enough for my daughter when she decided to embrace us with her morning smiles. And now here I am, getting lost in God’s word. Sharing with you my morning thoughts as I hear my daughter speak random sounds to her daddy in the kitchen.

If only every morning could run this smoothly…

I’m at so much peace this morning with how my day has started that I just simply could lay down and go to sleep. I can’t lie there is something so soothing about my morning devotional/blog time – it truly relaxes me in a way a Xanax couldn’t even come close to. It’s therapeutic and its my time here with God. And nothing is more relaxing then sitting here chatting with our Father.

Because of this peace that is settling to my soul. I had to make sure my husband was getting the same peace and therapeutic happiness daily. There for a few months we kind of lost him. He was short-tempered, anxiety-driven and just not himself. You could tell the day-to-day stresses of being a full time working dad was weighing heavy on him. The days were being counted by when he could finally just lay down and go to bed and escape the world for awhile. And like every wife to a husband struggling, I simply could not allow this to go on anymore.

Therefore a couple weeks back, I sat Drew down and told him that he wasn’t allowed to put our family first anymore. That his devotionals and time with God must come first. And he started in with all the “I know” and “but this and that”. And I had to be strict with him, and inform him that we were no longer his priority. God and his relationship with God is and always will be his number one priority. THEN and only then was he allowed to make time for his family. We are always second to his relationship with God. And you can call it selfish motivation if you want because he is truly an amazing husband when he is putting God first with his morning devotionals with Him. He is a better husband, father, lover, etc. There is just a strong man full of peace, kindness, happiness and love when he is putting God first in his life, and I do know with him keeping his priorities straight – it be the best thing for him and our family together……

So call it selfish if you want. I am human. So I am sure there is a little self-gaining to this motivation to drive him closer to God. But in the end, it saves my husbands soul and overall demeanor, and that is amazing to witness in itself. To watch God work through him so loud and clear is truly a remarkable vision. What a life with God versus what a life “without God” as the center focus – it’s incredible to see that change. It is so obvious how we crave for His Word and His Love.

So like the verse ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭14:23‬ ‭( tells us, even Jesus needed time to go up on the mountain, alone to pray and be lost in God and His word. Why do we as humans think we could possibly live a full life without pressing pause to spend time alone with God daily? How do we expect to survive? It’s like living a life without water or fresh air to breathe. We might survive – but that’s all we are doing without God in our hearts, is surviving. How we truly live a full life is through the Word of God, through time with Him, praising Him, loving Him, worshiping Him. What is this life without our special moments with the one true King?

Weekly Goal(s)

This week my goal will be to read a devotional every single day. Even if I don’t get to blog about that particular daily reading, I just want to make sure I am at least consuming as much as I can of God’s word every single day. Bonus points for reading more than one devotional a day. Triple points for reading the Bible verses with each devotional (lol). But then I also want to commit to “journaling” (aka “blogging”) at least 4 days this week. Last week I only did 2 entries which was way too little for my soul to be at peace. No wonder I felt all kinds of chaos by this weekend. So there you have it. Let’s see if I can be better this week and not put God second to every thing else. But take my own advice and put God first in my daily routine.

Dear Father, let me and my family remember You are the first priority every day single day. With your words and guidance first, we will be stronger soldiers of God which will only lead to being a stronger household in Your name. Work through us, Lord. We crave for our lives to do nothing more than to benefit You and Your name. What are the plans You have for me and my family, Lord? How can our life’s will benefit Your life, God? Please show us the way. Educate us. Nurture us. Fuel us with your words and message. Lead us, Lord. Show us the way to Your life. In Jesus’ name, we pray, we thank You and we love You unconditionally, amen.

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