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Reading the Bible (Cover-to-Cover) *snore* Oh, Keep Reading!

Wow! There’s no wonder anymore on why I could never read the Bible from cover to cover before. I never made it past Genesis and the listing of all the names and ages when I was younger. I mean seriously. What 15 year old can truly concept the reality of the stories of the Bible at such a young age. It’s hard for me to truly grasp it all and I’m currently 32 years old!

So I have to say I can let myself off the hook now a little bit. My brain wasn’t ready for it all just yet if I’m honest. Not sure still is but I’m all in now. I truly feel God is making a point to tell me to do this this year.

Little Back Story – Raw Honesty Here

Reading the Bible in chronological order has never been a desire of mine. Honestly, I’d avoid the topic at all costs anytime after the dreadful age at 15 when I made the attempt to go for it. Ambitious as I was – that all went down the toilet after a couple chapters into the book of Genesis. ADHD was in full speed from there and I had a big “NO THANK YOU!” in my mind toward that ever happening again.

Fast forward 17 years and then back track to 100 something days prior and my friend invited me to a plan on the Bible app. Which I’m not the biggest fan of because again (even in my 30s) HELLO ADHD! My phone never shuts up so trying to get lost in scripture on that thing is honestly like trying to fall asleep with a tambourine banging next to your ear, or a literal bomb going off next to your house. I mean just insert “impossible to fall sleep multiple choice” and that is what it’s like to me trying to meditate on God’s scripture from my phone. It ain’t happening folks! I know my faults and that is definitely one. So rambling now – basically all I needed to say was I saw it – I accepted it – and then I never logged back in to it again!

Then the day comes when your Pastor invites you on New Year’s Day to read the Bible on the Bible app in chronological order. And no offense, but she sent the most least graphically appealing one possible to me! As a graphic designer, this one just screamed “BOOOORING! Old people. Snore!” I mean it’s not that appealing for me. So I can’t lie. I was doing everything to avoid it and act like I never saw it. Even though I had this annoying voice in my head saying “it’s time!”

When God Says “It’s Time” Then Well it is Indeed ‘Time‘

Fast forward 3 more days. I’m feeling at a loss with my relationship with God. I’ve noticed the enemy winning. It’s sucks. It’s annoying. I’m annoyed. So I remember my podcasts I truly love. “Proverbs 31 women”, “Jesus calling”, “Daily Grace”, etc. Well what do you know the “Daily Grace” had one I never got to at the end of the year. And what do you know: it’s ALL about why you should read the Bible from cover to cover. How important it is not to just rely on devotionals and podcasts and all the noise around the Bible. But how the number one thing you can do is truly read Gods word – word -for -word. Debunking almost every thing I had said over the past couple months as to why I never want to read it…

So here I am, listening to this podcast in the shower and they’ve convinced me (High five “Daily Grace” – no seriously, that was no small task to complete). Any-who, I’m convinced! But still dreading the “Bible” app on my phone. They mention this little pdf document they are going to post to their website for FREE access to anyone who wants to go on this challenge to read the whole Bible (cover-to-cover) in one year. So I am all like “YAY! No Bible App! No distractions! I can do this!” Go to said information and I see them talking about it but no link. I see the link to add their mobile app plan just like the Bible apps but no said link to downloadable PDF. So boo! I am discouraged.

However, the whole “it’s time” message I kept hearing now was saying to me “accountability & education”. One thing I didn’t notice before because I had never seen it on any other plans I use to do on there before, was the “talk about it” part at the end of every reading. I was like “well shut the front door, if I am confused and/or not reading it like it was intended to be read or spaced out and missed some key points – this part right here helps me in so many ways!” I was legit thrilled about that part. And the fact for the huge group that is participating in the reading plan it will just hold me more accountable. And I know no one is really watching and/or judging me for it but its like having a work-out partner and/or healthy eating partner – it just helps!

So BOOM! I’ve started reading the Bible from Genesis 1, and ya’ll I have made it through to Genesis 32! And I legit can’t wait to read more and find out about Jacob and his brother, and their meeting that is about to happen after 20 years being apart.

& WHEW! Genesis 25-30! WOW! The deceit – the lies – the drama! Get your popcorn folks! If you’re new to this reading plan like me this year then go ahead and pop some popcorn, I kind of wish I had! There was quite the drama unfolding in the first 32 chapters already. And Chapters 25-30 – geesch – they can sure make you uncomfortable reading about Rebekah and how her favoritism toward Jacob caused quite the drama to unfold.

But our God is mighty and he is good, y’all! So so good.

Well thats all I have for now. A little behind the scenes to this mamas journey in actually – FINALLY – choosing to read the Bible cover-to-cover this year! And get this! The one who was so against it – is now 4 days ahead and begging to read more! God sure does have a way of showing his sense of humor! lol

Till next time… thanks for reading! 🙂

“Read Me Bible” image found on google search. Please claim if you’re the photographer.

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