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“Words Matter”

Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel. –Proverbs20:15

This is something I really need to be better about, I’m sometimes horrible about going for the jugular when I feel like I have been hurt. I’ve been working on this a lot lately, but I know I still could do much better. This is truly a side of me that I dislike very much. Especially when I do it to Drew…

When I feel like he hurts me, I will try so hard to hit him even harder with words, and I truly shouldn’t be like that. It is awful and it is definitely not honoring our marriage.

My anger issues can get the best of me in general sometimes. It’s like the devotional from the book, “Pressing Pause,” titled, “Mom’s Crabby, Again!” That devotional really made me cringe because I fear sometimes I might make my children say and/or feel this way. Stress and anxiety get the best of me a lot anymore, and that is not fair to them. My husband nor kids should ever have to walk around on eggshells around me. I wouldn’t like it very much if I had to walk around on eggshells with them, so I shouldn’t make them ever feel that way either. I truly pray for the day that my kids and/or husband say, “Whoa! Mom’s in a bad mood, that never happens!” (Lol)

I just want to be better. I do not like the “ugly” that comes out of me when I let stress and anxiety control me. It’s no way to live or to force people around me to live.

Lord, You are a God who speaks. When You communicate, You do so with love, truth, and power. Help my words reflect who You are. Change me from the inside out. Use my words to bring life, joy, peace, and truth to my home. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Resource: The Better Mom Devotional,

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